Meet Sidney

Tspa Redken Academy + 1 year as a licensed stylist

Hi Besties I’m Sidney! I am a fresh face to this Industry and I currently love to specialize in all things Sun-kissed color. Pretty Balayage with dimension is my go to.

What got you into hair? My childhood hairstylist was always a mentor to me. She introduced me to the idea and I never looked back! It’s been so rewarding as a career choice and I am so grateful for her to this day!

What’s the best part about the service for you? The best part of a service for me is definitely taking pics after! It’s when everything’s done, perfected and it’s time to show it off on the gram. If there’s time for a tik-tok, that’s even better.

Dream vacation? National Parks in Utah!

If you weren’t a hairstylist, what would you be and why? Someone, somewhere thriving on social media.

Favorite drink at the bar? Rum and coke with a lime.

A hair trend you hope never comes back? SIDE BANGS. I think we can all agree this trend needs to be left in 2006.