Meet Natasha

Color specialist // blonde lover

Paul Mitchell+ 4 years a a licensed professional

Why hair? Meeting new people and vibing with strangers who allow me to be a part of their lives! I want you to leave feeling better than when you came in – we’re lucky to manifest that feeling for others!

Best/worst style you’ve rocked? OMG – when Justine gave me rose gold color + 16” extensions. It looked BOMB and was the first time I went out of my comfort zone with color.

Favorite place you’ve been? My family’s cottage in Canada! We’ve got major family history there, the best childhood mems, and loads of family friends up there – nothing is more important to me.

When you’re not in the salon, you’re? At Zaytinya!! Amazing Mediterranean – my boyfriend took me for our first date 4 years ago and we’ve been regulars ever since.

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