Meet Devin

Here’s what you need to know about me! 

Hello! Welcome to Blackbird! I’m Devin Cook, Co-Founder and Colorist here at Blackbird. Well, I’m a Northern Virginia local born and bred. I knew I wanted to be a colorist as soon as I started working in a salon when I was 16. I’ve always wanted to be in a creative industry and, honestly, as soon as I got my hands in color the rest was history. I feel lucky to have found a career that has always felt right. Working as a colorist is ever changing and I’ve only fallen more in love with it. Been at it since I was 18 – time flies!

I began my career with a hair apprenticeship at a small French salon, where a strong sense of tradition and passion for the industry paved the way. Here I met many of my mentors and gained invaluable experience that molded me into the colorist I am today. I have had the honor of receiving education and experience from the industry’s best, and I am proud to serve as an educator for upcoming colorists today. I specialize in creating natural brunettes and blondes – color that survives pandemics and summers away. I find inspiration in the eyes and cheeks, allowing your color to enhance the beauty you came in with.

Here’s what you want to know!

Blackbird is a home for me. I’ve always envisioned it as a feeding ground for everyone, somewhere to network and inspire – a garden for other dreamers. Beauty is so much more than what is trending. It means something different for everyone – that’s the best part. I want our community to feel our love for the industry when they arrive. This is more than a salon for us – it’s a lifestyle.

Ever wonder about your colorists’ hair? Well, I was on a mission for a while to try every color possible. Finally I got to the color green and actually did it – and for some reason I wanted it to be a pastel green. Still to this day, I can’t believe I willingly walked around looking like Mt. Dew.

When I’m not at Blackbird, I am always at one of my favorite restaurants – Maydan, Red Hen, Toki Underground, Timber Pizza.. The list goes on. Fav drink? Give me a good drive bar! I want a cheap beer and good music. Ambiance and ease is my thing.

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